Dads Rule!

We love dads so much that we wanted to honor them leading up to Father's Day. We did several posts of wonderful clients. But, the one that is most special was this one of our owner posted the morning of Father's Day…

Happy Father's Day to Bob Brockway! Bob and wife, Paula, are our third generation owners. He is the grandson of founder, Bill Ussery, and, just like granddad, he works on keeping our company focused on what truly matters-treating everyone, customers and employees, like you'd like to be treated. This philosophy has worked since 1957 and we know it will continue to work for the next 62 years!

Bob and Paula are parents to three kids-Cole, age 28 (married to Lexie!), Madelaine, age 23, and Edith, age 13. He is pictured here with mom, Patricia Ussery Brockway, in front of the Mercedes-Benz Delivery Center in Stuttgart, Germany!


This week we are celebrating dad! While all the dads we are featuring are different, they have one thing in common -- their love for #mercedesbenz. Each is designated with their own special hashtag!

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